Edwardsville IL Bathtub Refinishing / Tub Reglazing

Edwardsville bathtub refinishing

Replacing your bathtub or your outdated ceramic tile can be an expensive and time consuming project. While the initial costs of materials may seem reasonable, the time and labor can really add up. Our Edwardsville Illinois Bathtub Refinishing Services make it easy to give your bathroom a clean, fresh look at a price your are going to love. Learn more about the tub reglazing process.

Whether you need a total bathroom remodel or simply shining up your current fixtures we can help. We have certified technicians in Edwardsville and surrounding areas to help you have that new bathroom look. Learn more about the products and services we offer:

Sink refinishing

Complete bathroom remodeling

Countertop refinishing

Tile refinishing

Bathtub refinishing

You will save more than just money with our Edwardsville Bathtub Refinishing Company.

Replacing an old bath tub requires a lot of work. Often layers of tile must be removed in order to even dislodge the old tub, potentially damaging or breaking it hard to match tile, this can result in an unexpected complete tile replacement. Replacing ceramic tile requires even more exertion as older bathrooms provide bigger challenges because of the original standards of work. Our services allow you to keep your old fixtures intact while giving you a new clean surface.

By reglazing the original tub or sink, most jobs big or small can be completed the same day or within two at the most with only a period of 24 additional hours needed for curing time. Ripping out old fixtures could leave your bathroom out of use for a week or longer.

This is how Reglaze America saves you time, money, and a headache! Contact us today for a consultation and see how we can help! We look forward to scheduling a convenient time to serve you!